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Jiaxing Nanyang Polytechnic Institute (hereinafter referred to as JNPI) is located in the historic city of Jiaxing in the northeast of Zhejiang Province. It is a full-time vocational and technical institute of higher learning, approved by People's Government of Zhejiang Province and jointly founded by SJTU Education Group and Jiaxing Educational Development and Investment Company.
JNPI was established in 2002, and it has been focusing on the quality of education and trying to promote its own development. Currently there are nearly 5000 full-time students and 280 teaching and administrative staff members. About 53% full-time teachers have master’s degrees and about 32% full- time teachers have vocational qualification credentials as well as teacher’s certificates.
JNPI is comprised of 5 academic units, namely School of Ship and Architecture Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Financial Management, School of Business and Trade, and Basic Teaching Department. There are 7 specialty groups, including Architecture Engineering, Ship Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Manufacturing, Financial Accounting, Management, Information Technology and Economy and trade. There are 19 specialties in all. Among it, Electrical Automation Technology and Mould Designing and Manufacturing are 2 provincial specialties.
Drawing upon the strong faculty and school-running experience of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, JNPI has built "two education systems" of cultural education and professional education. Besides, JNPI is dedicated to promoting teaching reform, innovating in personnel training mode, and improving the quality of education, which has produced remarkable results.
Up to now, it has 2 provincial excellent courses, 16 school excellent courses, and 24 municipal excellent school-based teaching textbooks. In the past three years, the institute has obtained 7 provincial research projects and 107 municipal research projects and patents.
Students in the institute received more than 200 awards in national and provincial vocational skills contest. From 2014, 69 students received awards in national competitions and 214 students in provincial competitions. And the acceptance rate of top-up (upgrade from junior college student to university student) remains above 67%, and the employment rate of graduates in previous years remain above 97%.
JNPI attaches great importance to deepening university-enterprise cooperation and the cultivation of students' vocational skills and practical abilities, and to the construction of talent training bases as well. It has already signed university-enterprise cooperation agreements with nearly 200 companies. Currently there are 8 training bases, 19 experiment and training centers and 131 training rooms. 1 of them is provincial demonstration training base.
Furthermore,JNPI devotes much attention on the cooperative education and international academic exchanges in order to learn and absorb advanced idea and experience of vocational education. We already have successively established friendly and long-term cooperation relationship with such international universities as State University of New York, USA Robert Morris University, USA International Technological University, Canada Cambrian College, Korea Maritime University, New ealand Eastern Institute of Technology, and so on.