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      Guided by the principles of "putting people first; serving the development; being geared to the needs of everyone; and helping everyone succeed," Jiaxing Nanyang Polytechnic Institute will always insist on taking talent training as its work force, specialty construction as its drawing force, serving the society as its aim, graduate employments as its orientation and seek for its survival and further development based on the education quality and unique features. 
      Nanyang Institute will be dedicated to deepening university-enterprise cooperation, promoting teaching reform, innovating in personnel training mode, 
and improving the quality of education. 
      Nanyang Institute will attach great importance to the cultivation of the students' vocational skills and practical abilities and pays attention to the construction 
of talent training bases as well.
      Nanyang Institute will devote much attention to the strengthening of students' humanities accomplishment, establishes the education concept of "people-oriented, strict management, strengthening quality, emphasizing ability," and values the integrative development of quality-oriented education and skill