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Admission Guide and Application Form for International Students

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Jiaxing Nanyang Polytechnic Institute has never authorized any agent to be our international students recruitment agent and never signed any authorization agreement with any agent, please be alert and don't be cheated by any agent. If you want to apply for our school, please send your documents to For more information, please contact Ms. Virginia Han or Ms. Victoria Ye.
Tel: 0086-15958136632(Victoria)

International students who plan to apply for Language Programs of Jiaxing Nanyang Polytechnic Institute, please prepare the following application documents and send the zip file to by the end of this June.

Required Documents for Application:
1. JNPI Application Form for International Students (please click the following first link and download the Form);
2. Scanned copy of Highest education certificate&Transcript;
3. Scanned copy of passport's front page;
4. 2 photos of electronic version, whose size is as the same as in passport;
5. Scanned copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Report;
6. Scanned copy of No Criminal Certificate issued by Police Station;
7. Remittance receipt of the application fee of 500 RMB  (JNPI Application Form for International Students)  (Cover of JNPI Brochure)  (English Introduction of JNPI)  (Cover-01-Introduction of SIE)  (School of International Education-1)  (School of International Education-2)  (School of International Education-3)  (School of International Education-4)  (School of International Education-5)  (School of International Education-6)  (School of International Education-7) (Admission Guide for International Students-1) (Admission Guide for International Students-2)

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