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Delegation of the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai visit JNPI

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On June 23rd, 2020, Mr. Szilárd BOLLA, Consul General of Hungarian Consulate General in Shanghai, Ms. Lívia SZENTMÁRTONI, Consul for Culture and Education of the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai, and Ms. Erika KOSKOCKI, Financial Officer of the Consulate General of Hungary in Shanghai visited to JNPI to exchange and discuss cooperation. Through the platform, JNPI will build cooperation with Hungarian teachers in cultural education.

In August 2020, teachers were trained in Hungarian Kodaly music teaching method in JNPI. The member preschool teachers participated in this project, learn Kodaly music teaching method, one of the three major music teaching methods in the world, and improve the teaching level of teachers' education.

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