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Opening Ceremony of Cross-border E-commerce Vocational Skills Training between t

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On the afternoon of March 4th, 2022, opening ceremony of cross-border e-commerce vocational skills training between the JNPI and universities of Kyrgyzstan was held as scheduled by means of video conference.

Feng Liwei, Vice President of JNPI, Liu Ruozhu, Director of Foreign Affairs Office, and Dean of School of International Education, Zhang Fengfan, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office, and Deputy Dean of School of International Education, Chen Ping, Deputy Dean of School of Economics and Management, Lu Hongyan, Director of major of Cross-border E-commerce, Zhang Xiaochen, Director of Office of Foreign Affairs Office, and Director of Office of School of International Education, attended the meeting. IBRAIMOVA BERMET, Vice Dean of the Kyrgyz-Chinese Faculty of Kyrgyz National University after named J.Balasagyn, KARYPBAEV SYIMYK, Advisor to Parliamentarians in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, IDYROVA RAMINA, Deputy of the Bishkek City Parliament, attended the meeting by video link.

The cross-border e-commerce training course held with universities of Kyrgyzstan is a strong measure of response to the Belt and Road initiative, and a positive exploration of how to promote the ‘going global’ of vocational education and innovative forms of international exchange of education in the context of epidemic. Both sides in the training set up a bridge of vocational skills, culture, and language communication, strongly promote the vocational education quality, and overseas vocational skills training project implementation. Such joint effort will both improve the cultivation quality in both Chinese and  Kyrgyz universities, and take effort to local education service in Jiaxing for the Belt and Road improvement.

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